Nearly half of women gain more than the recommended amount of weight during pregnancy. it is important to return to a healthy weight after delivery, especially if you plan to become pregnant again in the future. Excess body fat can lead to health problems, lower energy level, and a poor self-image.


If you are a anxious to lose weight quickly after childbirth the most important thing is to be patient with yourself. It took time to gain weight so it will take some time to lose it. Many moms find that they lose a lot of their excess weight from breast feeding. when you breast-feed, you use fat cells stored in your body during pregnancy — along with calories from your diet to fuel your milk production and feed your baby.  Before beginning a weight loss program consult your health care provider. Your nutritionist can help to guide you toward successful weight control.



Here are some simple weight loss tips:


  1. Eat whole, unprocessed foods. Most processed, packaged foods are loaded with sugar, or fat and/or ! These ingredients can cause weight gain and might even make you feel tired! Its not worth it so choose healthy options instead. For example; fresh fruits & veggies, raw nuts & seeds. Processed meat contains various chemical compounds that are not present in fresh meat. Many of these compounds are harmful to health. Eating a lot of processed meat products for a long period may increase the risk of chronic disease, especially cancer.


  1. Meal planning. You are now very busy taking care of your newborn so take some time at the beginning of every week to plan meals for yourself. Make a list of quick and healthy dishes that you can make in advance or freeze. You will also need some healthy snacks in your refrigerator. A good weight loss meal plan should follow some following criteria:
  • Include plenty of protein and fiber. Protein and fiber-rich foods help keep you fuller for longer.
  • Includes a variety of fruits and vegetables. Both are rich in water and fiber, contributing to feelings of fullness. These nutrient-rich foods also make it easier to meet your daily nutrient requirements.
  1. Exercise regularly. Aerobic exercise at least 4 days a week will help you to burn fat and improve your energy. Aerobic exercise is any nonstop movement for 30 minutes or more at an intensity that puts in your target heart rate range. Choose something that you enjoy. For example, Take the baby for a walk if possible. Look on you tube for an exercise class you can do at home while the baby is sleeping.