Here are some client testimonials:

I have known Gini Warner for several years and know her to be a highly skilled, honest and sincere professional. My patients that have needed nutritional guidance have been referred to her many times and the outcome has always been a successful one.

Steven Goldstein, M.D.
NYU Medical Center

With your knowledge and patience, bearing in mind my individual needs and problems, you were successful in devising a program which enabled me to achieve a weight loss which up until that time I was unable to do. Your friendship and understanding, with your skills were no doubt as asset in helping me achieve what I set out to do.

Sandra Kerner
Boca Raton, FL

Gini was employed at AT&T at 550 Madison Avenue as a nutritionist. Gini designed and conducted monthly nutrition seminars which helped employees with making better choices in their diet. This resulted in more productivity in our office.

Claire Lukas
AT&T Health/Fitness Supervisor

Gini worked in my Laguna Beach office. I experienced a tremendous amount of success with the patients that I referred to her. She is very supportive with her clients. Not only is there results, but an education.

Silvana Balsimelli D.C.
Costa Mesa, CA

I was referred to Gini by my doctor about 3 months ago. I was bloated all the time and tired most of the day. I was also having trouble losing weight. Gini evaluated my eating habits and symptoms and put me on a gluten-free diet. After about 2 weeks the bloating stopped and I began losing weight. Now my energy level is back to normal and I’ve lost 25 pounds!

Sharon, 44