With growing kids running around the house, every parent knows how hungry they can get in between meals so, having those quick and easy go to snacks are a household must. 

It should also be a household must that these snacks are whole and unprocessed foods to provide bountiful nutrients that kids need on a daily basis for energy. Prepackaged snacks, which may seem convenient, are usually highly processed making them the less healthy snack option. 

Below are just a few health concerns processed foods have been linked to with kids:

  1. ADHD = A 2011 study recorded children who eliminated processed foods from their diet showed a significant decrease in ADHD symptoms compared to those who continued to consume processed foods.
  • Type 2 Diabetes = Processed foods can contribute to children developing a resistance to insulin which can lead to type 2 diabetes.
  • Autism = Young children who consume high amounts of processed foods have been linked to mineral deficiencies that might contribute to autism spectrum disorder.

Even with a bustling, on the go household there are plenty of unprocessed, nutrient filled snack options. Try these 5 quick and healthy snacks for your kids:

Ant Log = Take a celery stick and fill it with peanut butter then top the peanut butter with raisins.

  • Homemade Trail Mix = Take your kids favorite assorted nuts and mix them with their favorite assorted dried fruit and berries. 
  • Pear and Diary-Free Cheese Please = Slice up a pear and smear one side of a sliced pear with dairy free ricotta cheese. Then add some diced pistachio on top of the cheese for that extra crunch.
  • Turkey Roll ‘em Up = Slice up an avocado and squeeze a little bit of lime juice over the slices. Then take a deli sliced piece of organic turkey meat and wrap it around the avocado slice. 
  •  Go, Go Guacamole = Smash up an avocado and season with salt and pepper to taste. Then slice up some bell peppers to use for dipping. You can even use mini bell peppers for a sweeter taste.

. Make it a point to stay away from packaged snacks and try to fill the pantry and fridge with whole, unprocessed foods like the ones above for that quick grab and go snack that your kids will love. 

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