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Weight Loss Counseling

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Experience a unique approach to weight loss. This is not a diet; it’s a lifestyle change. The goal is safe and permanent weight loss through nutritional education, eating awareness training and exercise. Helping you achieve overall health is the key.

You will begin by cleansing the body to prepare for weight loss. This cleanse will clear the liver of substances that cause free radical damage. Since the liver directly effects metabolism, this paves the way to able to lose weight. After the cleanse, Gini will design a unique rotational program for you. Every week you will learn a new eating pattern. Together, you and Gini will make gradual changes to your lifestyle and eating habits. By changing your eating patterns weekly you will continuously stimulate your metabolism, achieving the best results.

Maybe you’ve tried other programs and failed? Don’t worry. This program is different than anything you’ve attempted before. Most people experience some weight loss in the beginning of any weight control program. Then, weight loss suddenly stops and you become discouraged. Gini’s unique rotational program keeps weight loss consistent and allows you to enjoy eating. You will never count calories or weigh and measure food. And, it will be easy to stay positive and enthusiastic because you will constantly be experiencing results!

Most clients say,”I don’t feel like I’m on a diet!” and “This is so easy and I can still go out to dinner!” And that’s the goal. Maintain the lifestyle you love, and attain the body you want.

To make an appointment for a nutritional evaluation contact Gini Warner at 949-338-4469.