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  • Nutrition Evaluation-45 min. private evaluation discussing health, food sensitivities, lifestyle, eating habits, personal schedule, and dietary preference.
  • Follow Up appointments and packages offered.

    All Packages include:

  • Eating awareness .
  • Nutrition Education
  • Dining Out and traveling tips
  • Meal planning
  • Recipes
  • Motivational Techniques
  • Nutrition Supplement (if needed) 

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Healthy Eating After 40


Hamburgers, Fried Chicken, Pizza, Tacos, Soft Drinks and of course Beer. As young men we indulge in these foods more often than we should. We eat anything we want without much concern for weight gain and much less concern for our health. If you live an active lifestyle or if you were born with great genes, the effects of the excess of unhealthy eating doesn’t manifest itself until we are way into our 30’s and 40’s.

     We see the effects all around us. Obesity is a serious issue in America. Maintaining that youthful active lifestyle becomes more difficult as we age. You don’t have the time to exercise and burn those calories like we could when we were 23 years old. We work all day, sit in our cars in traffic for hours, grab some fast food at lunch or on the way home. After we’re done helping the kids with their homework or working at home to complete that project by the deadline, we don’t have time to exercise or have a healthy meal before bed.

      As you get into your 40’s and your testosterone begins to drop, we start to see that belly-fat increase. We begin to get sluggish and exercise even less. The spiral of 20 years of unhealthy eating is a tough habit to break. We all love pizza of course but at some point, and especially as we get into our 40’s, we need to make conscience decision to begin to eat better so that we can maintain a healthy lifestyle way into our 60’s and 70’s.

      In some cases it’s necessary to speak with someone who is knowledgeable and is trained on how to develop a healthy eating plan for you as you reach that age where you should eat better. Professional nutrition planning should definitely be considered but there are also many things you can do on your own to start eating better.

     Cook more at home. It’s difficult I know, but a good solution, for example, is taking some time on a Sunday afternoon to cook enough food for the rest of the week. Spend a few hours cooking non-processed healthy meals that can be packaged and frozen for easy preparation throughout thr week. Chicken breasts, fish fillets, vegetables, probiotic yogurt, healthy snacks like almonds and other nuts high in protein are all good options. If you can plan a week or two of easy prep meals and snacks, you’re more likely to stay away from that fast food place on the way home. 

Contact Gini and make an appointment for a nutritional plan consultation. It’s never too late to begin a healthy eating lifestyle, 


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