It may seem a bit overwhelming to come up with a meal 7 days a week, but it actually is quite simple. If you were to look in your fridge or pantry you probably already have all the basic ingredients needed to prepare a healthy meal. You just need to put it all together. If you follow these 3 easy steps below, you will have the recipe to creating a healthy meal:


  1. Divide your meal into 3 separate portions
    1. ½ of the plate is for raw vegetables (like a green salad or a tomato salad)
    2. ¼ of the plate is for protein (either poultry, fish, tofu, or beans)
    3. ¼ of the plate is for complex carbohydrates (like cooked vegetables or sweet potato)


  1. Seasoning
    1. Use fresh or dried herbs to help build flavors in your meal



  1. Incorporate Healthy Fat
    1. Healthy fats which are unsaturated fats
    2. Use cooking oil when preparing your meal either with your protein or your vegetables
    3. Or incorporating an avocado into your meal is another way you can add fat


Creating a healthy meal does not need to be overwhelming or complicated. Keep it simple and stick to these three steps so you can be on your way to creating tasty and healthy meals in no time!

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