There are many  eating establishments in the USA that cater to people managing food allergies and sensitivities including diets free from gluten, dairy, peanuts and other allergens. More restaurants are opening ever day that offer allergy free menus however, remember that even if the restaurant or hotel offers a gluten free menu or a food allergy chart, you still need to ask the right questions and review your meal to ensure safe eating experiences.

Choose a restaurant that has natural gluten-free options. This means selecting a dining establishment that serves naturally gluten-free items, such as, chicken, fish and beans that are not breaded nor served with a  flavored sauce or are pre marinated in a gluten containing marinade. 

Communicate your dietary needs to the wait staff. Let them know you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity and ask if they understand what that means. If they don’t, tell them that you cannot eat anything that has flour, breadcrumbs, marinades or soy sauce or you will become very ill. It is always best to order poultry and seafood cooked “dry” or with oil to be sure that you are safe. Ask about all the ingredients in the salad that you want to order to be sure it does not contain croutons or anything similar and request dressing on the side. Avoid soups since most contain gluten. Green tea may contain gluten from barley.

I recommend calling the restaurant in advance and speak to the manager and explain your dietary limits and ask if they will accommodate you.

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