The Gluten Free Edge Book by Gini WarnerThe secret is out! You don’t have to have Celiac Disease to benefit from a gluten-free diet. Dieting can be stressful and difficult, but here nutritionist Gini Warner lays out a 7-day meal plan that makes going gluten-free surprisingly simple. Chef Ross Harris delivers easy-to-follow gourmet recipes that will help with healthy weightloss.

Recipes And More

Inside The Gluten-Free Edge, you’ll find 200 meals guaranteed to taste so good you won’t even realize you’re leaving something out:

  • Sweet Potato Hash Brown Egg Cups
  • Spinach and Mushroom Mezzalunas
  • Sea Scallops and Roasted Corn Salad
  • Roasted Garlic Chicken Breast Provencal
  • Carob-Coated Mascarpone and Honey-Filled Figs

Gluten-filled foods can derail even the best-intentioned diets, but here you will get all the information and recipes you need to give you the edge and get the weight loss results that last. Best of all, you don’t have to give up the foods you love to get there!

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Gini Warner encourages each person to develop the dietary and lifestyle changes to meet personal nutrition goals and achieve optimal health. In he Gluten Free Edge, Gini focuses on the special needs of those living the gluten-free lifestyle. The Gluten Free Edge provides the framework for establishing personal wellness, gluten-free.

Mary Schluckebier, BS, MA
Executive Director | Celiac Sprue Association

Gini and Chef Ross have created a wonderful resource in The Gluten-Free Edge. Gini easily explains gluten intolerances and offers practical advice for living gluten-free. When accompanied by Chef’s creative recipes make this a great book for anyone. The recipes are creative and include dishes that will become everyday favorites or special occasion classics.
Cynthia Kupper, RD; Executive Director
Gluten Intolerance Group of North America (GIG)

Gini has done an excellent job of pulling together nutritious and tasty recipes. The book also contains an excellent overview of gluten free tips and tricks giving the beginner the reasons why that they need. We’re happy to see this project complete. Great job!
The Gluten-Free Edge is an excellent book for anyone who wants to cook gluten free recipes and learn more about the gluten free lifestyle. Anyone who wants to improve their health will benefit from this book. I highly recommend that you read The Gluten Free Edge.
Scott Adams

The Gluten Free Edge is a comprehensive and thoroughly usable presentation of a complicated and increasingly important subject. Of all the lifestyle management issues addressed in our integrative medical clinic, the elimination of gluten-containing foods is the most difficult. Gluten seems to appear everywhere on the American culinary scene, and creating a tasteful and satisfying nutritional program without it can be a frustrating experience. Many patients give up, claiming they just can’t figure it out.
Gluten sensitivity has been implicated in a multitude of medical conditions, including headaches, seizures, cognitive impairment, joint and muscle pains, skin rashes, anemia, liver and gall bladder disease, and intestinal inflammation. Gluten allergy can now be assessed with blood testing alone, without the need for invasive procedures, and should be routinely considered in these conditions.
What do you do when the testing is positive? Get this book!
Allan Sosin, MD