Gluten is a made up of two different classes of proteins: gliadin, which gives bread the ability to rise during baking, and glutenin, which is responsible for dough’s elasticity. Did you ever see a person making pizza dough and throwing it up in the air? This is gluten in action. Gluten refers to the proteins in wheat, barley & rye.



Priscilla ad a virtual appointment with me. She was complaining of feeling sick, tired, and moody. She was concerned that this was due to the stress of parenting her two young children.


Her nutrition evaluation revealed that she has gluten sensitivity. She said that she can’t eat wheat without paying for it later with gas & bloating.


I advised her to start by giving up breads and gluten filled pasta. There are now many gluten-free pasta made from other healthy sources such as cauliflower and beans.


Once she accomplished this change the next step was to eliminate foods that contain barley and rye since these ingredients also contain gluten.


Priscilla was very determined to do whatever it takes to feel better. She wanted to know how long will it take for the symptoms to go away. I explained that once you start to follow a gluten-free diet, your symptoms should improve within a few weeks. Many people start to feel better in just a few days. If you have celiac disease Your intestines probably won’t return to normal for several months. It could take years for them to completely heal.


Priscilla began to eliminate all processed foods from her diet and was very careful to read labels and look for warnings of possible cross-contamination of gluten.


She came to my office two weeks later and was full of energy and symptom free!

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