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Foods High In Sodium and Healthy Substitutions

It’s estimated that at least half of people with hypertension have blood pressure that is affected by sodium consumption.  The Reference Daily Intake (RDI) for sodium is 2,300 mg — or about 1 teaspoon of salt. Most of the high sodium intake is due to the high sodium content in packaged and restaurant foods, rather than from overusing your saltshaker. Sodium is added to foods for flavor and as part of some food preservatives and additives.

  1. Low Fat Cottage Cheese. Few are aware that low-fat cottage cheeses are loaded with salt. As with most low-fat foods, food manufacturers add salt to make them taste better. A one cup serving of low-fat cottage cheese can contain as much as 1000mg of salt, almost 50% of your recommended daily salt intake.

If you are choosing cottage cheese as a source of protein, its best to simply choose something else. For example; low sodium beans, lentils or fish if you want something “lite”.

  • Pre-Packaged Chicken Breast. Many people are trying to avoid eating too much red meat so chicken has become a popular substitute. High amounts of sodium are added to pre-packaged chicken to enhance flavor.

Instead of buying pre-packed chicken, make your own and use ingredients like fresh herbs and fresh fruit to enhance the flavor

Soups. Many soups contain some healthy ingredients that have nutritional value but most canned or packaged soups contain massive amounts of salt. it’s best to avoid instant soups altogether They are loaded with chemicals and switch to ‘low-salt’ tinned varieties.

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